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Healthy and Efficient cooking Technique With Sous Vide Precision Cooker


Sous vide Cooking: Eating healthy and Cooking Tasty!

Cooking is an art and like every art, cooking has its own methods and techniques. The best cooking techniques intend to improve the taste, quality and nutritional value of our food.  One such cooking method which makes your food evenly cooked, better in texture, full of taste and helps retain nutritional value is Sous vide cooking technique. It is a reliable and sought-after cooking method as it is completely natural, enhances the taste of the meal cooked and the best part is that it does not lower the nutritional value of your food at all. This is precisely why the Sous-vide cooking method is now gaining popularity among chefs, food enthusiasts, restaurants and cooking experts around the world.

 What is the Sous-vide Cooking method?

Read as Su vid, it is a French term that means “under vacuum”. This cooking method uses a technique in which the food is cooked by transferring the heat to the ingredients from hot water or steam. The water heated to a certain level cooks the food at an even temperature. The raw material or the ingredient is vacuum-sealed in a container and placed in steam or hot water. The controlled heating and efficient transfer of heat from the water or steam cook the ingredients. This is done in special precision heating cookers designed to cook Sou vide food where the temperature is precisely controlled and even throughout, and though it takes slightly longer to cook, the meal prepared is surprisingly rich in texture and taste. And as people are looking for healthy cooking methods the Sous vide cooking ware and equipment are now finding a place in most modern kitchens. It is not surprising that this cooking method has been used by chefs at the top restaurants of the world since the 1970s and from the last two decades, it is getting increasingly popular as a very holistic and healthy cooking method.

Cooking Sous vide over traditional cooking methods

Every time you cook, you think about taste and you want it to be perfect this time. Also, every cooking enthusiast wants a perfect balance of health and taste. This cooking method takes over traditional cooking for taste and nutrition. The food cooked is healthier, richer in texture and evenly cooked for better taste.


Better taste and texture: In the cooking pots especially designed for Sous vide the food receives a balanced heat, unlike the traditional method where the heating is not completely controlled and balanced. This allows for cooking of your food in an even way, whereas now while you cook some parts of the food, especially the outer shell gets cooked more than the inside. The difference is very prominent in taste and texture.

Retained nutritional values

A research studying the Sous vide cooking method, published in the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, says that the food cooked with this technique is much healthier as its nutritional value remains intact. Let’s take a look at what happens when we cook Protein-rich food like eggs or meat for example. These foods are basically 20% protein and 80% water and other fats. While the food gets transformed into the cooking process, the protein also gets denatured. The degree of devaluation or denaturing of the protein depends on the temperature. In traditional cooking methods contrary to cooking Sous Vide, the cooking takes place on an uneven supply of heat and at times the temperatures could be very high. Thus the nutritional value of the essential proteins is substantially lost in traditional cooking. With the specially designed heat controlled pots used in this cooking method, the nutritional components undergo a minimum transformation as the food is evenly cooked and the heat is balanced. So, the food here comes out healthier.


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